The Hayward (Green) variety has been the backbone of the commercial New Zealand kiwifruit industry for some 50 years. Amongst the excitement and opportunity of new cultivars, we mustn’t lose sight of the importance of the Green category.

We know this and have remained committed to working alongside our Green growers to optimise their returns from the complex series of premiums available.

It all starts in the orchard, and through the intricate supply chain to the market, we’re closely involved with our growers at each stage. Our frank transparent approach means a strong commercial collaboration and we expect our growers’ Orchard Gate Returns to be consistently in the industry’s top performing quartile.



Apata Group Limited and its growers were early adopters and at the forefront of the growing and post-harvest development which took the best part of a decade to perfect.

The rapid and proactive response from the industry to mitigate the impact of Psa-V has seen exciting new gold varieties being fast tracked from Zespri’s extensive plant breeding programme as commercially viable varieties.

Post-Harvest Capability

Apata’s longstanding reputation as an outstanding post-harvest operator has been forged from two key elements namely, technology and people.

Our packhouses are equipped with the latest fruit handling technology and we combine this with leading edge information systems that enable us to make smart decisions.

We pride ourselves on the diversity and talent of our people who understand post-harvest requirements, particularly around fruit handling and harvest maturity protocols. 

Combined, these qualities make a powerful recipe that sets Apata apart from the rest of the industry and ultimately ensures success for our growers.