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Kiwifruit Billboard Competition Results

9 December 2019
Kiwifruit Billboard Competition Results

A huge thank you to all students who entered our Billboard Drawing Competition. We hope you had as much fun creating your art as we did receiving it. The standard was very high, and choosing winners and place-getters was very difficult. (So much so we had to choose two winners for Katikati!)

We will run this competition again next year - it's been a blast.


Equal 1st (Katikati Billboard) - Olive Reay, 10, Matahui School

“My favourite thing to do in Summer is to go to the beach! At home I love swinging on the swing. We have amazing sunsets at our house. So I thought it would be the perfect combo!”



Equal 1st (Katikati Billboard) - Orion Northey Revel Saunders, 8, Omokoroa Point Primary School

“It’s a kiwifruit surfing with a fish saying “My name is fishy.””


1st (Te Puke Billboard) - Baldeep Kaur, 10, Fairhaven Primary School

“I had no idea what to draw for this competition. But then I came up with this. And so that Kiwifruit who’s swimming in the nice wavy ocean and under the hot bright sun reminds me of when I go swimming in the nice water in summer."


Other prizes...


3rd Mika Donovan, 11, Whakamarama Primary School.

“Whanau and friends enjoying a day under the sun, in the gorgeous Western Bay of Plenty.”


Te Puke

2nd Grace Bragg, 11, Paengaroa Primary School.

"My Kiwi summer drawing is unique because it has a story. Kayle the kiwifruit has overslept on the beach. The tide’s coming in and her icecream is melting away."


3rd Matt Lyford, 11, Paengaroa Primary School.

"My Kiwi summer is at a camp-ground and some kids are playing cricket. I also tried to make it 3D."


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