Picking and Packing

Whether you want to manage harvest and transport logistics yourself or would prefer to have us take care of it, our dedicated harvest management team will work closely with you to ensure your fruit is harvested at the optimum time.

Our expert technical teams and in-house laboratory will work with you to monitor and manage your crops maturity.

  • For Kiwifruit crops, our industry leading packhouses along with dedicated Organics shed use a combination of experienced operators, the latest technology and soft handling equipment to get the most out of your crop.
  • For Avocado crops, our fruit washing and phytosanitary regimes are second to none and, when coupled with our hi-tech grading and packing equipment, give us the capability to run the most comprehensive harvest and packing programme in the industry. This is a significant factor in managing the optimal flow of fruit and quality through to our important domestic and international retail markets.