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Apata’s longstanding reputation as an outstanding post-harvest operator has been forged from two key elements namely, technology and people.

Our packhouses are equipped with the latest fruit handling technology and we combine this with leading-edge information systems that enable us to make smart decisions.

We pride ourselves on the diversity and talent of our people who understand post-harvest requirements, particularly around fruit handling and harvest maturity protocols.

Combined, these qualities make a powerful recipe that sets Apata apart from the rest of the industry and ultimately ensures success for our growers.

Organic kiwifruit

Apata Group Limited is an acknowledged advocate, industry leader and champion of the Organic category, ensuring Zespri is committing appropriate resources to market development and promotion.

As the compliance regime in place for conventional kiwifruit production has continually evolved, Apata’s vigilance has ensured we continue to generate and maintain premiums for organic kiwifruit.

We have specific Organic harvest and packing protocols, with dedicated, certified Organic post-harvest facilities.

This enables us to work alongside our Organic growers to produce a crop grown and packed in a format that will enable maximum exposure to the higher paying global market segments.

Your kiwifruit contact

Cody Bent

Grower Services Manager – Kiwifruit


Apata has an experienced and dedicated avocado team who provide trusted and up-to-date technical knowledge, as well as quality support, to our portfolio of growers and the New Zealand avocado industry in general. It is because of this respected offering that, for many years now, Apata has been New Zealand’s largest avocado harvester and packer.

We, supported by our strategic partnerships with fruit marketers Team Avocado and Primor who form Avoco, lead the way in providing our growers exceptional services throughout the value chain; from the orchard to market.

As our export markets expand and consumers become more discerning, Apata are well placed to provide quality, safe and secure product.

For avocado crops, our fruit washing and phytosanitary regimes are second to none and, when coupled with our hi-tech grading and packing equipment, give us the capability to run the most comprehensive harvest and packing programme in the industry. This is a significant factor in managing the optimal flow of fruit and quality through to our important domestic and international retail markets.

Your avocado contact

Logan Whenuaroa

Avocado Manager